Wayfinding Signs

As its name suggests, wayfinding signage helps customers and visitors navigate your space, whether you’re a car dealership, school, restaurant, bar, mall, tourist attraction, hotel or other large institution.

Effective wayfinding signage empowers your patrons to navigate your premises without asking for directions. Wayfinding signage can also boost operational efficiency by directing your logistics providers to the correct spot.

While we offer many different types of wayfinding signage, they can be grouped into three main categories:

  1. Informational: examples include where washrooms are, where stairs and elevators are located, free WIFI (if available), office door decals.
  2. Directional: examples include company directories, physical distance markers, coloured lines, wall plaques showing which way to go.
  3. Regulatory: Examples include No Smoking, No Pets allowed, Employees Only, Do Not Enter