Retail Signage

Looking for an extra “pop” for your showroom or retail displays? Speedpro offers an array of solutions to showcase your products, direct your customers and boost your sales, all without breaking the bank.

Below are a few common sign substrates used in retail signage. We also offer many hardware options such as snap frames. Contact us today to discuss your requirements!


Coroplast has a myriad of uses in the retail sector – check out our coroplast sign section for more information.

Foam Board

If you’re looking for an inexpensive but sharp-looking alternative to coroplast for your indoor signs, look no further than foam board. Lightweight and dimensionally stable, foam board is perfect for indoor retail sign applications. Because of its smooth surface, foam board is excellent for large-print photographs and other high-resolution designs.


Styrene signs are lightweight and flexible, so they are easy to transport. This inexpensive PVC material is perfect for retail signage, restaurant displays or menu boards, or trade shows. Smooth on both sides, it can be printed on one or both sides. Because of its flexibility, we also commonly use it to router templates for spray painting. It is:

  • Available in several thicknesses, most commonly .020”, .040” and .080”
  • Commonly available in sizes up to 4’ x 8’
  • Vinyl graphics can be laminated or unlaminated, depending on your expected lifespan and budget
Foam board signage at S3 Snow and Skate