Illuminated Signage

If you’re in the hunt for signage that provides that “wow” factor, illuminated signage is a fantastic investment.

Channel letters vs sign cans – what’s the difference?

A backlit sign can is a solid shaped (most often square or rectangular) sign, powered by LEDs. These signs have an acrylic face on which we apply your graphics.

Channel letters

Channel letter signs are made of individually lit three-dimensional letters and shapes. Most commonly these are either front lit, back lit, or a combination of the two. Front-lit letters have a translucent face and are internally lit. Back lit letters (or “halo”) appear to float off the building, providing a 3-D effect.

Illuminated sign projects can be complex, and with nearly endless design options, how do you get started? 

Whether you are armed with full specs or drawings from head office or are an independent business owner with a vision or idea, your journey starts with our team of experts. We will walk you through every step of the process, from design and digital mockups, acquiring permits to fabrication and installation. 

Backlit Sign Can
Channel Letters