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World’s Funniest Signs how do you avoid being on the list?

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If you watch TV News or read the newspaper you will almost daily see a picture of a business sign. Usually a CEO is in front of it being interviewed or a non profit revealing their fundraising numbers etc.


But sometimes they are being used to highlight silly issues like grammar or badly placed pictures. In fact Dave JUST sent one to me the other day, he was looking through some on site pictures and one stood out because it said the word SEX.  It was a picture of the side of the building where the front sign was partially in the picture.  Innocent right?

You would be surprised how many businesses in Grande Prairie and Calgary do not step back and take a look at their signs from a distance to make sure they are not unintentionally going to wind up on a list like this.

A shop in the states put together this infographic, and it really is true. Hope you enjoy.


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