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Would you work for free?

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If you have never needed creative design then this article will mean nothing to you. (Just a heads up)

Today my partner and I (ok my husband) we discussing a client who wanted us to design their vehicle wrap BEFORE they committed to the order.  Its hard to make the case for working for free, except that it should bring you  more business right?

Well many times a job will die AFTER we do the artwork, whether they were testing multiple shops, the need for the project dies, they don’t like the designs.. all sorts of reasons.

It is something we argue about, and when we put our foot down we will get push back and we have to decide if we will ignore the rules “just this once”.

In fact we JUST lost a customer for insisting they pay for the hours of design invested before they just stopped responding and giving direction.

Creative design is really a partnership, there is no grey area.  When a designer starts to work on a concept they are using all parts of their brain to create something from nothing.  There is a scary unknown to the client… “Will I like it?” The answer is you will, we will keep tweaking the art until you love it (within your budget).  But obviously we don’t communicate this value well in our hands on economy, computer work must seem so easy.

Today an article came across my screen on Linkedin from a colleague obviously having the same conversation.

It was nice to see we are not alone, but we probably are not as insistent as we should be to make it easier for our partners in design, print and web.

Richard is a Managing Partner at Nine10 Incorporated a visual communications firm in Grande Prairie.  They try to push the boundaries of marketing in the Grande Prairie area.

He makes some very good points about why “spec work” is not the best way to get the best product from a creative designer.

Check out his article here

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Do you agree or disagree?

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