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See-Through Vinyl Graphics are graphics printed on perforated vinyl (vinyl that has been entirely punched with pinholes).  Odd isn’t it, you’d think those holes would interfere with advertising wouldn’t you?  That’s where you’d be wrong.


STVG’s; Certainly tricky, certainly useful.


Most commonly used to cover vehicle windows so drivers can advertise as well as drive safely, this type of decaling is often seen splashed across the back windows of trucks or the windows of city busses.  Though visibilty from the back of the graphic is perfect (you see through it)viewing the STVG from the front is as gazing upon a wall that is color, style, and information.  What I’d like to know is, why aren’t they more often used on company windows?


We’ve seen how utilizing decals on building windows open a whole new form of advertising to drive and walk-bys, (check it out), but these have been vinyl cut-outs.  Cut-out decalling will work great for rooms that have blinds often being opened and closed, or windows with displays behind them which must also be viewed from the outside.  But how about those companies that have HUGE windows they can’t exactly figure out how to cover, or gyms where treadmills and cross-trainers face windows so members can gaze through them as they ‘work it’?


These companies should be looking into what’s great about See-Through Vinyl Graphics.


Covering the entire window, or windows, means super promo from the outside, and happy clients on the inside.


Visit Speedpro today and discover how simple it is to get your STVG’s on your building windows!


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Jennifer is the General Manager of Speedpro Signs Grande Prairie. Marketing is one of Jennifer's passions and in 2009 she became a Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant. Jennifer and her husband Dave have owned the Grande Prairie store since 2002 and have been recognized with numerous awards like Franchise of Year, Business of the Year and more.