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Wielding Banner Power

Use your banner like a weapon

Inexpensive and easy to store, every business should be in the possession of a company banner.  For those times when heavy or too large signs just won’t do, a portable banner is the quick answer to maintaining quality advertising.




Many companies participate in fundraisers for local charities, and having a great banner announce who they are while doing so is wise.  Some fundraisers can be lengthy and formal, and in such cases ulterior signage options might be in order, but if a company is running a 24 hr marathon, or is washing cars in a school parking lot, a banner hung somewhere in the sidelines or near a refreshment area works better than having an awkward 4×8’ coroplast sign to worry about.


A charity affair isn’t the place for a business to promote all the details of its services, but goodwill is important to people, and those participating in an event want to know which businesses are stepping up to the plate for their cause.  And they’ll remember the names they see.


Being a sponsor to certain events, groups, or organizations is another great way for businesses to give back to their communities, and utilizing a banner where signs would be cumbersome makes a winner out of everyone.  Sponsoring a hockey or soccer team means a company name could be spread all over the place just by unrolling a banner.  And, let’s not forget, most teams hold their own tournament.


Pictures taken during charity or sponsored events with a company banner in the background can later be turned into great promotional material too.  Uploading these pictures on a webpage, blog, or newsletter, or framing them to be hung in the office is a nice way for employers and employees to showcase their pride in having participated in something important.  And a company that takes pride in its achievements is a company people will be eager to do business with.





For businesses that have a lot of space on their hands, be it high ceilings or vast shop circumferences, hanging interesting banners that promote services is an ideal solution to turning an ‘ow’ impression into a ‘wow’ impression.  Check out this link which will take you to our Dealerships Page, and to some great photos of banners designed to fill empty space.




There’s a sort of traditional significance about banners announcing new information for businesses.  When we visualize a company that’s just opening its doors, it’s easy to imagine a banner stretched beneath its outdoor sign which reads ‘Grand Opening!’


When something short needs to be said, on something that looks good, for a short period of time, a banner does it best.  And banners can easily be reused.  Once the ‘Grand Opening’ ends, a banner can be returned to a sign shop where its vinyl will be peeled and replaced with new.  Turning that ‘our doors are now opened’ message into one that says ‘this is who we are’.





For businesses that participate or sponsor annually, and hold a lot of sales, a double sided banner is a great investment.  The business then always has its company banner on hand, and doesn’t have to scramble when the sale of the month approaches.



Make sure to keep an eye open for Speedpro Grande Prairie’s banner sales.  We’ll keep you posted… 

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