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Sticker (or Decals as we call them) are the most popular form of advertising! From small stickers to give away or label your products, to large stickers on the sides of trailers, they are versatile and inexpensive.

We start with looking at how you will use the sticker.  We not only have options on colors and custom layouts, but we have many materials you can choose.

The 3 types of stickers are:

  1. Exact Cut (Die Cut)

  2. Contour Cut

  3. Solid Shape



See below for examples and explanations!

Solid Shaped Decals

Most people are familiar with bumper stickers, they are one sticker that covers what ever you install it on. When you need to cover an existing image or words, or you know that having a background wont affect readability or the look of what you are trying to achieve, a solid shape decal can work for you. You can pick a shape that works for you, no inside cuts on these ones. It can also make install easier when you have one piece to work with.