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Using Stickers and Decals as Advertising

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Using Stickers and Decals as Advertising

As a means of promoting a company’s products and services, decals are often overlooked as a marketing opportunity. For some industries, such as those offering service and repair, decals should not be considered optional as they put your contact information in front of existing customers where they are most likely to need it. This article presents information on decals and how to use them to effectively market your business.

Decals are printed adhesive stickers that typically identify and promote your company’s product, service, name and image. Though inexpensive to make, they are invaluable in putting your company information in front of customers. For example, consider a homeowner that needs to have his air conditioner serviced. If he’s anything like me, he knows there’s a closet that houses some heating and air conditioning components, and may be able to replace a filter, but that’s the extent of his ability. This equipment closet is the perfect place for a decal with the name and contact information for a heating and air conditioning contractor. As an alternative to looking in the yellow pages, the decal identifies a contractor presumably familiar with you and your air conditioning equipment.

As a marketing tool, decals are ideal for a number of reasons:

  • Decals are relatively inexpensive
  • Decals can be custom designed to promote your image, name and logo
  • They keep your logo and contact information visible to potential and existing customers
  • Decals are cost effective, can be made locally and in small quantities
  • Similar to a word processor’s mail merge function, decals can be serialized or have other unique content without requiring setup charges per unique decal.
  • Decals add credibility and professionalism
  • Today’s integrated fast print and cut capabilities within one machine drive almost unlimited custom layout and cut creativity.
  • Lead time for creating decals is very short

Decals are ideal for service oriented industries such as heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, septic service, irrigation, well drilling, waste management, equipment sales and rentals, and many others. When budgeting considering a marketing plan for your company, non-profit, fund raising event or for donor recognition, consider the many advantages of decals.

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