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Would these True or False Questions surprise you?

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At BNI today (BNI Northwest Success in Grande Prairie) our weekly presentation challenge was to give the group 3 True or False Questions to answer, the goal to bring out information we may know about each other to aid us in referring business.

Would these questions surprise you about Speedpro Signs?

1. True or False: 42% of Women have entered a business they were not going to go in because they saw the sign?  Answer: True!  Your signs, especially in a retail setting, will have a huge impact on your walk in traffic.  Side Note: 31% of men admit to the same thing.

2. True or False: 50% of consumers will run from a business if their signs are a. misspelled or b. dirty and worn.   FALSE: Its actually MORE!  63% for misspelled signs and 56% for dirty and worn.

3. True or False: Cheap Signs = Cheap Business in the consumers eyes? TRUE! 68% of respondents admit to judging a business by the state of the signage and the building as they enter it.  Have less than stellar signage and you may be experiencing low sales and conversions!


Where did these numbers come from?  FEDEX Office who did this small business survey last year.


What is BNI? BNI Is the largest networking organization in the world. Business owners meet and refer trackable business to each other every week.  In the last year our chapter refered over 1.7 million dollars to each other.

Want more info on BNI? There are chapters all over, we belong to one in Grande Prairie and one in Calgary.  email or fill in the contact form to the right to get more information.



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Jennifer is the General Manager of Speedpro Signs Grande Prairie. Marketing is one of Jennifer's passions and in 2009 she became a Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant. Jennifer and her husband Dave have owned the Grande Prairie store since 2002 and have been recognized with numerous awards like Franchise of Year, Business of the Year and more.