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Them kids had it right all along.  The wheels on the bus do go ’round and ’round,  and they go all through the town.  Holy Smokes, but the eyes they now see!


City buses pass walking people, driving people, bored-in-the-office people, waiting outside in line people, and throughout the entire day, they pick people up.  It’s true, all sorts of them; old people and young people, fashion people, and food people, looking for something new people, perhaps new to the city people.


Oh Yeah.  The bus, Baby, is a one-way ticket to spread-your-wings advertising.


And we can do it.  For you, we can!  Able to produce signage for the inside, outside, and back of city transit buses, Speedpro is at your service.  We can wrap it, fully or partially, back-sign or inside sign it with panels which slide into metal frames already mounted on the bus… and don’t forget those bus shelters.  When bodies get cold the eyes need something interesting to look at…


So find out more by contacting us, and get your transit ad out there… and your wheels spinning!

This article was written by Jennifer

Jennifer is the General Manager of Speedpro Signs Grande Prairie. Marketing is one of Jennifer's passions and in 2009 she became a Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant. Jennifer and her husband Dave have owned the Grande Prairie store since 2002 and have been recognized with numerous awards like Franchise of Year, Business of the Year and more.