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QR Codes Real Estate Signs

QR Codes can generate leads in the moment

The real estate industry is and always will be highly competitive. When a potential client is sitting in front of their dream home wondering “How much is this home, what does it look like etc” don’t you wish there was a way to give them that information right then and there.  If they drive away what if they forget about this home, or they don’t want to call just yet and bother you about it?

Don’t you wish you had a way to put all this info in their hands while they are in love with the idea of that house?

Millions of smart phones are sold every month now and most people have a Blackberry, Iphone or Android. These powerful mini computers are the future of marketing.  Part of the technology includes a bar code scanner. You may have used it if you have a Blackberry and you add contacts top your BBM?

This scanning technology believe it or not holds the key to getting your customers connected to YOUR listing while they are really interested.

You are probably wondering how right?  All over the world they have been using a bar code called a QR Code (Quick Response) to link people with extra content. That link may be a coupon, warranty info, a link to a web site.

So you as a real estate agent can use this code on your signs to link people to the house listing right then and there.

Lets face it, there are many reasons someone doesn’t call about that listing once they drive by.  Sometimes it can be they forget, sometimes its because they think it will show up on MLS and it isn’t there.

Now you decrease that time it takes for them to get the info they need to spark a call to you, oh and while they are looking at that one, they can also now browse your other active listings…. Its win win right?

QR Codes are free to create, use Google to do it and you get a tracking component as well. You will be able to see how many time that link is used so you can see if there are any trends in type of property or location day of the week etc.

These codes are easy to add to an existing sign or like Sandra Easton of Exit Realty did recently, created a separate sign to go with her lawn signs for max flex.

Want to know more? Google the term QR Codes or call our staff at 780-538-2030 they can help you.  One more thing, want to try out the QR Code maker on our web site? Its gives you an idea of what this thing looks like.

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