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LSM Trade Show Set-up

LSM Set-up designed by Speedpro Signs



Who can take part in Trade Shows?  Every business can and should participate in at least one Expo a year, but not just any Expo.  Making sure Trade Shows are thoroughly researched will ensure beneficial results.  For example, in a Wedding Show, appropriate showcasing trades might be travel agencies, flower shops, bakeries, and bridal stores, while a welding company would do well registering for an alternate Trade Show.




A Trade Show can have many titles; don’t get tripped up in them.  Expo or Fair, all that requires knowing is that an event which has been organized for businesses of a similar industry to exhibit themselves, their products, and/or their services, is one whose purpose is to provide space for introduction, promotion, and education.



Trade Shows give exhibitors opportunity to…

Wedding Sign

There are many options to consider when opting to participate in a Trade Show; banner signs, table signs, floor set-ups, or simply a train of captivating signage. Scroll down to discover how we can help you decide on what's right for your business...

A)  Examine Competitors

B)  Keep up with Market Trends

C)  Advertise new products or services, and

D)  Collect or maintain important business contacts.


Of this form of showcasing there are two different styles to be aware of; the Public Trade Show, which allows for consumer walk through, and the Trade Only Show, meant for industry professionals and press related visitors only.




When and Where are all those Trade Shows taking place?  Check out these great sites…





Tradeshow Chart

Trade Shows are expensive and require an exhausting amount of organizational time and energy, so why do businesses take part in them?  While the reasoning for Trade Show participation may vary for separate companies, each does hold equal importance to that company’s needs.  Consider this, if consumers visit a Trade Show with an expectation of viewing a specific exhibit that ends up not being there, they will wonder why it isn’t.  They may decide the company is no longer in business, or down-sizing, that they have nothing new to share.  All the while, these consumers are being bombarded with ulterior products and names they may or may not have recognized before.  For some businesses, maintaining a presence while competing with rivals is motive, while showcasing a new look, product, or idea may be the goal of others.



While Speedpro can supply you with the essentials in Trade Show set-up and display, we’re interested in more than just selling you our products.  We want to sell the Trade Show experience by helping you make the best of yours.  Let our employees, who have been trained in design, marketing, and production, guide you to the best suited shows for your business and get there prepared.  We know what questions to ask, what information you should have before taking the leap into Expos, before ordering or deciding on a Trade Show set-up, and it’s our business to share it with you.


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