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The Best Sign Investment for your Start Up

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If you are starting a business that needs customers to come in your door then chances are you need a sign.  Yes there are some businesses that don’t need the best sign in the world, you may know some. Those that have an established clientele or they travel to their customers.
Likely this isn’t you. If you are starting up your business you need all the help you can get.  There are so many options where do you start?
First you need to know if there are any restrictions on the building you are in. There can be restrictive covenants especially if you are in a condo, have a landlord and or are in an area where your city may have rules.
Second What are your city Sign Rules? The Grande Prairie Sign rules are here.  Usually you need a permit.  In some cases (ex: AFRAMES) you may be restricted all together.
Third What is your budget?  This is hard to pull out of thin air.  And getting different quotes from different companies may or may not be helpful. Recently we had a customer that we quoted on a new plastic face for his backlit sign can.  He called as our quote said ‘vinyled arylic’ and another quote said ‘Lexan Film’. Are they different? Why is one more than the other? (And don’t get started on using trade names, what is the difference between Macrolon and Plexiglass?).  You need to ask those questions to uncover why one is a different price.
Sometimes bigger and flashier is not always better. Many times we are steering a customer away from all the bells and whistles because it is not the best use of their money.  You want a nice blend of value and impact.  If you are not open after dark and you are located in a low traffic area why would you spend the money to have a lit sign? Realistically you will not get extra business from that.

Fourth; and the most important, is “What would your potential customers think?”. Does it speak to them.  To many times we see clients deciding on colors, fonts and layouts as what they like and not what the potential customer may like.  Just because your favourite color is yellow doesn’t mean that you need make everything yellow.

Your sign purchase could be one of the biggest expenses you make starting your business, so make sure you get a good balance between budget, message and materials.

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