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All any Product-type Business has is a moment, a blink of an eye to say “I’ve got what you need!  And I can do it better!”


All his life Charlie dreamed of owning his own new and used book store, and after years of seeking, discovering, trading and buying, he is now ready to become a business ownerCharlie doesn’t want his store to merely exist, but desires his business to excel, to be a haven to those who have long loved books as well as a life-altering discovery to those who’ve yet been motivated to give books attention.  Charlie wants his store to inspire upon people the joys of reading.


Color Psychology

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Because Charlie hopes to ensnare the attentions of both current and potential readers, he has decided to put a fresh look on ‘second hand goods’ by welcoming visitors into a trendy atmosphere.  There will be a ‘Hot Reads Lounge’ within the store which will sell gourmet coffees and a bistro style menu, and weekly scheduled book club and writing tutorials will be offered to those with purchased store memberships.  His store will be called Pages, and his colors will be brown, to represent that which is old in his store, sky blue, to represent the new, and a touch of white will add freshness and be a blending mechanism for the other colors.  The true book lover will be attracted to brown by familiarizing it with leather bound hard covers and libraries, while those entering the store for a breather and a bite will not be deterred by the blue casually incorporated within, but will harmonize, kick back with a coffee, and pick up… a book!


Charlie has put a great deal of effort into his business plan.  He has carefully considered the style which will best work for it.  But unfortunately, Charlie now believes his work is complete and his doors will surely open to success.


When businesses have products rather than services to sell, half the battle in maintaining company survival is in getting people to walk through their doors.  If one potential customer is a book lover he or she will already have about five other places they know of which will supply their need, and if a potential buyer is a tired shopper who desires a snack and a hot drink, they can go to a dozen other places to sate their whim.  All any Product-type Business has is a moment, a blink of an eye to say “I’ve got what you need!  And I can do it better!”


Speedpro Tip: Syncing your marketing products

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But how can this be done?  Really, there are only two ways to advertise; the right way and the wrong way.  Let’s find out what Charlie can do wrong to completely reverse the positive employment he has already effected upon Pages:


  • After completing the well planned interior design of his New and Used Book store, Pages, Charlie decided the clipart of a bookworm would be the perfect face for Pages since ‘bookworm’ has been his nickname since childhood.


  • A green and yellow bookworm was incorporated into the Pages outdoor building sign and on staff business cards.


  • Because Charlie wanted his vehicle decals to match the color of his car, he demanded they be printed red.  He didn’t, however, want the bookworm clipart on his car so went with only Pages.


  •  In the Yellow Pages, Charlie pays for an ad that has neither yellow lettering nor a bookworm.  Beside the word Pages there stands a book.


So where is Charlie now?  He’s tallying his company’s first year progress rates in disappointment.  Where did he go wrong he wonders?  He realized some time ago that Pages seemed to be drawing a lot of young families.  And While Pages did have a fine selection of children’s books, his shop was not intended to host a room full of toddlers.  Filled with breakable décor and a menu which didn’t include specialty dishes for kids, those families who did feel compelled to visit, very often never returned.





Speedpro Tip: A Synchronized Marketing Strategy

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Charlie takes a good look at Pages and realizes that what his New and Used Book Store is on the inside is very drastically different from what it is on the outside.  Using a bookworm to brand Pages had been a poor decision.  The bookworm said nothing about the great food, drinks, or specialty programs offered within, it didn’t even minutely represent the quality of book selection Charlie was so proud of.  The bookworm is cute and colourful, but has been drawing the wrong audience.


He gazes from his vehicle decals to his business’s plain looking front doors.  Above those doors a bright green worm smiles down.  Charlie decides its time to start seizing his moment.





After redesigning his logo with Speedpro professionals who took the time to understand Pages and Charlie’s wishes for it, Charlie then ordered a new sign, front entrance decals, and new business cards.  He had his vehicle decals removed and replaced them with a full vehicle wrap that’s a perfectly matched visual of what Pages has to offer.  Pages is now a booming hotspot, and Charlie is living his dream.


And syncing doesn’t necessarily mean staying the same forever.  Take a look at this successful company, Assurelock (see  If you’ve been in Grande Prairie you’ll certainly recognize this business’s logo.  Designed by Speedpro when the company first came into production, its simplicity has never changed, but as the logo was designed to give an idea of shadows and steel (black and silver), Assurelock has been able to play with adding accents.


Once their logo was nicely established, Assurelock came to Speedpro with the idea of change.  Greens and oranges announce their growth and stability with pride, yet there now well-known logo remains the same, and so we say “great work Assurelock!”


Assurelock Vehicle Wrap

By maintaining its silver and black approach, Assurelock is able to incorporate alternate colors to brighten its appearance.

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