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In just one night Brad Sugars is going to change the way you think about money, wealth, business and property forever. His own success and the success of literally hundreds of thousands of business owners, property investors and complete novices following his system before you is proof enough that anyone can learn how to become wealthy.




April 7th, 2016 – The Paradise Inn & Conference Centre – 11201 100th Ave. Grand Prairie, Alberta – Canada

On Thursday April 7th, 2016 world-renowned speaker, author and business guru Brad Sugars will

continue his Billionaire Tour in North America, sharing his insights and proven techniques to build


Following the tenets of his famous 5 Steps system, the charismatic Australian-born business leader offers

a unique blend of motivation and practical skills to individuals seeing to buy, run and make super profits

from their own businesses, no matter the economic climate. Known for simplifying the steps of building

wealth, hundreds of Sugars’ students around the world credit his teachings with their ability to make


“Nothing I’m going to teach you is rocket science,” says Sugars, “but what I will do is make the path to wealth and

a successful life simple. I will lay it out for you as plain as I can, a path so simple that anyone with the will and

desire to have a better life—a wealthier life—will find it works for them too.”


What makes Sugars different from the many business, leadership and motivational speakers

out there is that he has been there. He proved his entrepreneurial resolve and earned (and lost)

millions in his early twenties. He financially retired at 26, but soon became bored and sought

bigger challenges, building the ActionCOACHTM brand into a franchise organization of 1,000

business coaches in 59 countries around the world.


Motivated to share his knowledge with others, Sugars has written 15 highly acclaimed business books, four of them international best sellers, and frequently delivers seminars to audiences around the world. His 2009 “Business Is Booming” seminar tour visited 87 cities in 16 countries.

The Billionaire Tour will change the way attendees think about money, wealth, business and property. Sugars’ own success and the success of hundreds of thousands of business owners, property investors and complete novices who follow his system is proof enough that anyone can learn how to become wealthy.

The free seminar will teach the key skills to buying, running and making super profits from one’s own business, regardless of the prevailing economy, complete with practical how-to’s that business owners can start on immediately.

Tickets are available at no charge by registering at


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