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So you want a vehicle wrap…

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So you want a vehicle wrap…

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You’ve seen them around and thought, “Gee, I’d really like to get a vehicle wrap done on my company van!” So now what? Let’s take a walk-through of the process.

1.   Quotation:  This is the first step. Bring your car, truck, van, or trailer in to the shop. At this point, we’ll take measurements of your vehicle and take photos at every angle. The reason for the measurements is obvious: so we know how big the wrap needs to be. The photos will let the designer know details such as where badges and emblems are located, if there’s moulding to deal with, and any other details that the line art for that particular model may not show. (We’ll talk about line art in the next step.) We’ll use the measurements to calculate how many square feet of vinyl we’ll need to do the wrap. Pricing is done by square foot. If you have a smart car, it will be less expensive to wrap than a cargo van. Also, a full wrap will cost more than a partial wrap.

2.     Design:  This is where the fun starts. Our designer takes your idea and brings it to life! We often use line art in this part of the process. Line art is a line drawing of your specific model and year of vehicle, with front, back, side and top views. The art is usually 1:20 scale, enabling us to keep our file sizes small and easy to work with until we arrive at the perfect design. This is usually the most time-intensive part of the vehicle wrap. You can help the design go faster in two ways: either have an idea of what you want beforehand, or give clear criticism of any design we do for you. In other words, when we present you with a concept, please don’t just say, “I don’t like it. Can I see something else?” What is it that you’d like changed? Is it the color, the placement of the logo, or the artwork we’ve used? Be specific! Once we arrive at a design that you’re happy with, we’re on to the next step.

3.     Production:  Time to print! Our wraps are printed on a special pressure-sensitive vinyl. It has channels in the adhesive that allows air to escape, preventing bubbles in the finished wrap. The first step is the test print. This is a very important part of the process! We print a small-scale version of the whole wrap, as well as a swatch of the wrap at full size. The customer can check the colors and design before the full wrap is printed. If everything looks ok, we start printing! After printing is completed, the vinyl needs to “gas off” for at least 24 hours before lamination. If this step is skipped, the laminate will not adhere properly to the vinyl and will lift from the print after the wrap is applied. Once the ink has had time to cure, the print is laminated to protect it from the elements. Now we’re ready to go!

4.     Installation:  Be prepared to leave your vehicle for 3 days. Dropping it off clean and on schedule is very important! Once we pull it into our shop, we go over your vehicle very carefully, cleaning any dirt from all areas. Vinyl and dirt don’t mix! We remove any badging, emblems and moulding that needs to be taken off. Make sure you discuss this with our designer before hand: sometimes the emblems will interfere with elements of the design and will have to be accommodated. After the wrap is applied, we seal all edges with liquid edge-sealer or strips of laminate to prevent lifting. And then we’re done!

If properly cared for, your wrap will last for years! Give us a call today at Speedpro Signs Grande Prairie to get started.

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