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Signs for Hair Salons, Barber Shops and Spa’s

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<We are writing a series of articles targeting businesses that need to generate leads and get that traffic in the door.>
See this picture of the Lesbian Hair Cut? The back story on this picture is that it looked like a bike store and in fact they did sell bikes, as well as haircuts. Not a bad price I guess (its in Canadian Dollars).

If you own a hair salon then you know that you are combating not only tons of competition but also a lot of stereo types and you need your business to stand out.  To many salons try to be the best salon to everyone  and specialize in every single treatment and process. 

Some of the longest running and most successful studio’s in Grande Prairie have been those that narrowly focus on a specific target client. I can remember the local barber shop, they have not had to advertise in a long time because they focus on men’s cuts and getting them in and out quickly.  I know people that drove hours to come and get their hair cut there. 

So who does your salon target? If you say any women from 12- 70 you are doing yourself a disservice.  When a business comes out and says we specialize in coloring, or in children or in pampering.  If I need those services I will choose them over someone who says they do it all.  How about you? The one thing this handwriten ugly cheap signs does do is target its market!?!

So now that we have a target you need to choose your images, message and visuals to appeal to those clients.
Where we see Salons have a disadvantage is that they are so busy actually serving clients that they do not have a ton of time to be designing  and coming up with ideas for their shop’s advertising.  We see they spend alot of time on the outside building sign and that is it.

You really need 2 types of signs.  And both need to answer the question “ Why should I choose over someone else?”
1.  Lead Generating
2. Branding/ Aesthetic/Culture building

Here are some ideas for salons that we have gotten from our travels and other Speedpro stores

Vehicles – Make sure your vehicles stand out, see if your staff will put your decals on as well.  See if you can get creative with the placement. IF you want to be known for creativity (back to your target) then your decals and where they go should also be creative. If you are targeting mainstream, inside the box then keep it mainstream and inside the box.  Can you put a creative offer or call to action on your vehicles YES YOU CAN.  You can use new technology like the QR Codes and TXT campaigns to drive in the moment traffic to your web site to get the special or coupon that you are offering.
Building – You should have a store front, building signs and or windows. Use them to your advantage. Make sure they are true to your brand and set you apart. Try and encorporate some of your call to action without it being cheesy
Point of Sale – This is more conversion that lead generation, but you have them in the store, what system do you have in place to get them to a) buy some products or b) rebook a new appointment right then and there.  We have all had our hair cut and how hard is it for the receptionist to ask would you like to book your next appointment? You would probably convert at least half! Putting a sign that reminds them to do that will help back up your staff (also having a great POS system that emails reminders etc would as well)
Use multimedia to educate.  The trend in online advertising is all about educating. Nowhere is this more relevant than to hair salons.  Women feel like they don’t know what they are doing, how to do it and what to buy to do it with. Use your web site and technology like an inside digital screen. Give them something to watch while they wait and while they get their cuts.  Educate them on best practices (should you wash your hair every 2 days or every day), what products (gel vs. mousse?) and show the side of your salon that is true to your culture.  Use pictures, videos and more.  This kind of technology is very achievable (and BTW Speedpro can help you with that)

So there you have it, our top recommendations. We would love to come out and do an audit with you and give you some ideas, no charge. We have lots of tricks in our book including how to finance some of this stuff so you can keep you cash flow healthy!

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