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Should this Billboard get this Real Esate Agent in Trouble?

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Real Estate Billboard

Last week in Calgary a local ReMax real estate agent had this billboard installed and instantly there was a flurry of opinion.  Every 6 oclock news and newspap

er ran the image with comments on how appropriate it is/was.

The billboard passed all sniff tests at the Real Estate and brokerage level so what is the big deal? Is it her picture is it the wording?  I have not decided if we are all so desensitized that it really is not a big deal or it is, you can be the judge.

They say no

coverage is bad coverage and she could not have paid to have the exposure this billboard has  brought her.  Did she plan it? I seriously doubt she thought it was more than a clever way to market.  Looking at her other marketing none of it suggests a marketing plan designed to use sec to sell in this way.

So other than get people talking has it really helped business? What can you take away from this situation?

 All advertising mediums can work if a) You know the outcome you want and b) your message is actionable.

In this case it was outrage… not sure that was the outcome she was looking for. If the outcome was exposure than mission accomplished.  Is her message actionable? Again you be the judge.

People say newspaper doesn’t work, it does if you have the right offer.  Direct Mail? Works very well if your message is targeting and well written.

Many companies want a billboard or vehicle wrap…. OK maybe that is the right medium, but like every other en devour you need to know what outcome it is you are looking for.

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