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Rebranding – One Company’s Story

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Rebranding – One Company’s Story

Picture this: you’re a typical company with a shop, equipment, and a fleet of trucks. Everything is nicely decalled with your company logo. Then one day, BANG! You’ve been bought by another company. So now what? It’s time to rebrand! At Speedpro Signs Grande Prairie, we’ve helped many businesses through the process — most recently, we helped rebrand CPI Service – Mid Western Machine Works.

Mid Western Machine Works Inc., a local compressor component manufacturing company, was purchased by CPI (Compressor Products International) in February 2011. Mid Western had just rebranded their business three months earlier, and now they had to do it again to become CPI Service – Mid Western Machine Works. They needed to change their building signs and the decals on their pickups and other equipment.

There were a few challenges that needed to be addressed:

  1. The Branding Guide: CPI, like many other large international companies, has branding rules that need to be followed while incorporating the Mid Western name. The guide is very specific about the colors used for the decals. The Pantone colors required to meet the guidelines didn’t match any standard vinyl colors; therefore the green and blue vinyl had to be individually color matched and approved.
  2. Different vehicle models and years: The trucks in the fleet were all different, but the decals had to be the same. Fortunately, the trucks were all white. We had to come up with a layout that worked on all the trucks.
  3. Timing of installs: It’s a busy company, and they couldn’t stop everything to bring in all their trucks to get re-decalled at the same time. They needed to do the installs one at a time, and they didn’t have a lot of advance notice as to when the trucks would be available. They would call in the morning, and book the truck in for that afternoon. All the trucks and equipment were completed in two weeks.

The process of rebranding doesn’t have to be scary. Working with a company (such as Speedpro Signs, of course) that can do it all, from your building signs to your vehicle decals, makes it a lot easier.

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