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Light Pole Hardware Systems

If you have light poles you have a place to advertise! What holds back most people is the destruction the wind can wreak havoc n your banners, constantly replacing them or dealing with them tearing and looking terrible.

That is where we come in!

Our “Cadillac” hardware called Windfighters have been keeping our banners on the straight and narrow for years. To date we have never had one fail. That is a bold claim! We can show you ones that got hit by dumptrucks or those that got moved by someone not trained to install… I am sure you will agree they don’t count!

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Windfighter Pole Banner System

Windfighter banner systems have been manufactured specifically by a Canadian company 20 years ago to be safe to be used at the waterfronts around the East Coast.  Engineered to withstand the kinds of winds you see in hurricanes without banners failing and tearing.

So the winds we get here in Grande Prairie should be no problems?  We do get some intense gusting winds especially in the spring and fall.  And windfighters withstand them no problem.

How do they work? The unique quad spring set up takes the force of the wind and transfers it into the pole, so it does all the work. The dual bar system keeps tension on the banners so they become as stiff as a board.  This allows banners to be kept out for years (our record is 7).

Are they more expensive? Definitely!   But you never HAVE to replace the banners, you just may WANT to!

We use windfighter banners on the road sides and in parking lots where no one wants to see a failure that may damage vehicles below.


  • 2′
  • 3′


  • Up to 10 ft doubslided

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