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Light Pole Hardware Systems

If you have light poles you have a place to advertise! What holds back most people is the destruction the wind can wreak havoc n your banners, constantly replacing them or dealing with them tearing and looking terrible.

That is where we come in!

Our “Cadillac” hardware called Windfighters have been keeping our banners on the straight and narrow for years. To date we have never had one fail. That is a bold claim! We can show you ones that got hit by dumptrucks or those that got moved by someone not trained to install… I am sure you will agree they don’t count!

Check out options for pole banner systems!

Reception F Etched Acrylic with Logo or Text

Instead of boring white or black as a background why not use our etched film on clear acrylic?  The material evokes a high end look and feel, that works with your background and yet still allows your logo to stand out on any wall.

Our most popular sign combination for reception area signs.


Reception Office Signs