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If you are looking for Business Signs, Design and install in Grande Prairie, Alberta you have come to the right place.  As sign makers it’s a little bit like arts and crafts everyday, but we have to be experts in hundreds of signs and graphics.  Dave and Jennifer Metituk took over the Grande Prairie location in 2002.   Grande Prairie has a great economy; from rodeo’s that take over the city to a strong Oilfield industry, many of our clients have offices all over Alberta enjoy the comfort of knowing our stores can take care of them where ever their people are.  What makes us different?  We bring that small town way of doing business to the city and it works!  Passion, commitment and follow through are the keystones of our businesses and our staff uphold those attributes.   ….Learn More
For a business with the word SPEED in its name, we can usually turn things around very quickly. There are some products we can make the same day, and some we shouldn’t (but in response to a customers panic we can sometimes make impossible things happen.) At Speedpro Signs we offer everything from from vehicle and trailer decals, to business storefront signs, aframes, aluminum signs,car wraps, banners, dealership signs, election signs, event signs, sponsorship signs, floor graphics, hospital signs, LED signs, plastic signs, and more ….Learn More
Speedpro Signs in Grande Prairie specializes in many industries  and small businesses like yours including oil and gas, manufacturing, construction, auto dealerships …Learn More
Our office 780-538-2030. Please phone fax or text this number.    …Learn More


Introducing the Speedpro Staff 2.0

Let us introduce our staff …. some you may know and some you may not.   Left to Right Dave and Jen Owners, Andrea Production Manager, Dave Installer & signmaker, Laura Front Counter Sales, Lawrence Account Manager Over the next week we will be releasing our individual staff pictures.  Taken by the talented Al Gervais…

Speedpro Hiring a new Graphic Designer/Monkey

With sad hearts we must report our in house designer is moving to Calgary over Christmas. As much as we are happy for him and his family, and we know that he will still work for us on the side… we must get another butt in the seat here at the office. See our ad…

Someone has to say what we are all thinking….

Artist Jason Shelowitz in New York has decided to take manners into his own hands.  Last Summer he make about 500 poster to talk to people about their lack of manners on the subway.  He posted them all over the New York Subway. Now he has taken on Pedestrian Etiquette.  So he made some silk…

Electric Company Full Wrap on Nissan NV 2500 Cargo Van

Mr Electric CArgo Van Wrap

The AFTER pic! Way better! If you are service company and you do most of your business inside your vehicle what better way to broadcast your business than by using your vehicle as a moving billboard. Bill from Mr Electric, a brand new business in Grande Prairie, Alberta, came to us with his vehicle ordered and on…

Does this look fun or what?

Bed Shop Window Decals

A local family owned store, The Bed Shoppe, wanted to spruce up their windows, promote the brands they sell and promote the fact that they have a fun culture. Our designer pitched the idea of the feet and the matresses. We tried to talk them into a fun picture of the family, but that was…

Biggest 3D Mural – Reebok

  Take a look at the biggest 3D street mural (painted not printed) and they made it interactive.   Over 1000 meters squared! Watch to get some inspiration, the whole look at 1:15 seconds is the reveal! Have a great weekend Jennifer [vsw id=”GwNeukAmxJw” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Digital Signs for your small business

Have you ever thought of having your own TV Station???? Next to the real thing, having a digital signage network can be almost as much fun. you control everything about the display, and what it shows.  Some companies advertise their own products (think Timmies) and some will sell the ad space and generate revenue (see…

Labels That Mean Business

Labels That Mean Business

Custom labels printed in full color offer affordable advertising and promotion even when made in small quantities. There are many ways to make labels, each with advantages and disadvantages. When large quantities (a thousand or more) are needed, labels can be printed and die cut. For smaller quantities, labels with complex shapes or intricate detail can…

Rental Equipment Decals

Rental Equipment Decals

Every piece of equipment that your rental company owns can be an advertisement: Joe Smith rents a skid steer from you. His neighbor thinks, “Hey, what’s Joe doing in his yard? That looks great! I should do that too! Hmm, where did he rent that machine from?” And he looks out his window, takes down…

Realtors: Turn “For Sale” into “SOLD!”

Realtors: Turn “For Sale” into “SOLD!”

Real estate marketing has been drastically changed by the internet, but one of the oldest forms of advertising is still one of the best: the real estate yard sign! As an agent, the thing you want most is for someone to spot that sign, slam on the brakes, and call for a viewing. Independent agents…