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New Brand and Signs for a local Toy Store Icon

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Change is hard, everyone knows it can be harder for some over others, but when you are talking about a David vs Goliath Toy Store story.. change has to be part of the equation.

Introducing Wonderland Toy and Hobby, a local Icon, a generation of parents who fondly remember the small but well stocked store as a source of happy memories and nostalgia.  Fast forward to today where Wonderland has an even bigger piece of the fabric of our city.

Changing the brand to speak to a new generation of children and their families  and then matching the look of the store to the brand was a big step.

Wonderland Before


And the building before….

Wonderland Toy and Hobby  Building Before


We let our designer play around with some ideas.

Some fun options

The WOW Concepts


Its one thing to have the concept but then to build it is a whole other piece.

The building is older so we have to be careful, plus it had the tinker toy frame which we were hoping we could either use or could be hidden. But it would not work for the profile etc.  Also cost is a factor…. to reface the entire building, factor in the wind load from the primarily west wind etc. So the design was refined also with the logo refinement.


Logo Refinements:

Logo options


After an intense 2 hour design session with all 4 or 5 partners and Tevis our designer, the final logo looked something like this….

Final Logo

The building also dictated what could and could not be done. The final product was an aluminum pan face with the mural printed. No visible attachment methods as it was all done from behind.  The Sign can was a custom shape and LED lit.  The Rocket ship is its own layer with a halo lit LED strong on the underside of the flame to provide that extra touch at night.  The install was tricky from where is power going to come from to how much weight with a side wind, all aspects need to be considered. The final install in downtown Grande Prairie.


IMAG5506 IMAG3187 IMAG3192IMAG5510 IMG_0208

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