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Green Energy Companies

What a blessing and curse being in such an innovative industry can be.  On one hand you can be “out there” with your advertising but on the other hand you have to usually communicate technical information to help people understand what it is you are doing.

Often you need the ability to be simple and complex at the same time.

When it comes to branding your business here are some tips.

Ideas for your green and alternative energy business

Vehicle Graphics:

Whether you are bulding a army of hybrid taxi’s or just a single sales rep traveling the regions you need to stand out and be visible.   Take alook at the marketplace and other competitors.  If everyone is doing 100% multicolour wraps maybe you want to look at keeping it simple or vice versa.  Either way you are going to want to take advantage of every single square inch of space on your vehicle.  Often when a company has a lot of information to convey we recomend using QR codes to give the viewer an easy way to continue the interaction. Get their attention, then connect them through using their smart phones. More info on QR codes check this out. The QR Codes give you a fantastic way to track your traffic as well.

Want to see some vehicle graphic examples, from simple to the best wraps we have ever done? Click here!

Trade Show Displays:

Most likely attending trade shows will be a cornerstone of your marketing efforts.  It can be easier to find your demographic of client at a target industry trade show. So how can you get the best impact at a trade show?  There are many questions to ask yourself before over-investing in a trade show display.  Questions like How many people will there be to set it up? The last thing you want is to have to pull a whole crew of people off paying work to set up your display. How often per year will you be using it?  If you buy the cheapest display that may not last if you use it 4+ times per year.  What kind of shows will you be attending? If they are usually outside (festivals?) or inside (home shows?)  you will need different stands.

We can help you not only decide on the best stand but help you craft the message that goes on it. To many times you see booths over done with to many words and not enough of getting straight to the point.  Hopefully you are filling a need that a customer has, if that is the case you have about 5 seconds to convey that before they move on.  Keep that in mind when creating your designs.

Whether you need Retractable Banners stands, Backdrops, Tear Drop Flags, Tents or more we can help you.

Want an easy Trade Show Reference? We have a our Get Results from Trade Show E Book for download take a look it is absolutely free!

Of course these are just some of the ideas our fantastic idea generating team can help you with. At Speedpro we make all types of signs to help you grow your business.  Please give us a call today and we can help fine tune any idea to your budget and get you results!