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Did you know Speedpro Signs prints stickers?  Protected from damaging UV

Hockey Puck

Use stickers in creative ways to get your logo out there.

Rays and the harshest of weathers, our stickers beg to do more than hardhats.  Stickers can be applied to any smooth surface, and with a little imagination, can accomplish a great deal of advertising.  Companies that offer in-home services such as plumbing, electrical work, or installations, should consider leaving a stick-on business card in their wake.  This way, if the service is needed in the future, the number to call is exactly where the customer will be looking.


Stickered water-bottle by Speedpro Signs

Stickers can be used in a number of different ways. UV and weather protected, its easy to get STUCK ON STICKERS!

Realtors can also utilize stickers in interesting ways.  By pin-pointing family-oriented places like local libraries, book stores, or indoor playgrounds, Realtors can arrange to have fun and colourful stickers with their logo and contact information on them, set out as take-home items for visiting children.  These stickers will be seen and appreciated by parents who just may be in search of better nesting ground.  Realtors might also ask past clients to apply their small business stickers in a corner of a new home’s front window.  Dealerships can utilize stickers in similar ways.  When holding a sale, stickers could be handed out with business cards as bumper or vehicle window stickers to be seen by many thereafter.




'Hardhat' Stickers on a hockey helmet

The funnest type of hardhat never looked so good!


Organizing a hockey tournament for boys and girls ages four through six can  be sticky business, but no parent can deny that the excitement children bring to an arena during such an event emanates, and eventually becomes contagious.  Team pride beams in every dressing room during a tournament, in coaches, players, and parents, but when a logo can be sported in such as way as seen below, EVERYONE outside the dressing room takes notice, and catches a drift for themselves.


Businesses should use their stickers in the same way.  Spread your company spirit by bearing your logo, your name, your brand.


Hockey team with helmet stickers

Go Grizzlies!

Thank you Speedpro for sponsoring the super-cool, puck, water-bottle, and helmet stickers for the Grovedale Initiation Team Tournament!



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