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Get Busy In The Dark

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Get Busy In The Dark

Viewed in regular daylight

As Seen At Night

Your signs never sleep – but unless you’ve got a lighted sign, they’re pretty hard to see at night. There’s all kinds of solutions for this problem: backlit plexiglass signs and LED lighting to name a few. But what about the situations where this isn’t an option? Increase your visibility with reflective vinyl!

Reflective vinyl is a lot more versatile than you may think. We can create custom decals to make your signs really stand out, and the vinyl is available in lots of different colors. It can be cut to order and adheres to any glossy surface. Here are some examples:

  1. Text and/or background on signs
  2. Highlighting company name/phone numbers on vehicle wraps
  3. Custom striping for vehicles
  4. Custom printed hard hat decals
  5. Vehicle logo decals
  6. Use your imagination!

Our reflective vinyl is “retroreflective”, which means that it’s made by mixing glass beads in the pigment of the face film. The beads reflect light back to the viewer when illuminated. That’s why it’s also referred to as “beaded reflective”.

There are a few pros and cons to reflective vinyl. The colors are extremely vibrant… the blues are bluer, the oranges juicier. It’s a high-quality, premium product that provides excellent visibility at night. The cons? It’s more expensive, and not as flexible as regular vinyl. Regular vinyl is made from PVC compounds, as opposed to reflective vinyl that is made from translucent acrylic resins. It will, however, conform to simple curves that would be found on pickup doors or storage tanks.

AND IT’S PRINTABLE! We can create custom decals in any shape you need. Give us a call at Speedpro Signs Grande Prairie, and put this incredible product to work for you!

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