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Domed Decals are making a comeback

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Domed or Raised Sticker

Stickers with a raised surface

Any one who collected stickers in the 80’s remembers the domed decal.  Lets face it, the only reason we would walk around the “trade shows” was to collect stickers and when we found one that had that puffy clear lens on top we had struck gold.  Looking though Dave’s old sticker album is like a time warp in the oil industry in the Peace Country.
Old logo’s , companies no longer in business and more.

Fast forward to 2011 and you see those same “kids” are now ordering and passing around hard hat / safety stickers like candy and while the look of the stickers has evolved from the 80’s so has the process of doming.

Take a look at some examples of some domes decals, if you are looking to set your stickers apart or if you are manufacturing a product that you want to take the branding to a new level, this may be the answer.

Sample of Brushed Silver Domed Decal

Sample of Brushed Silver Domed Decal

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