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Styrene, the Tuxedo of plastic substrates

Styrene, the tuxedo of plastic substrates

Often, a lightweight, simple, and inexpensive yet eye-pleasing substrate is required to direct and advertise information inside a business or organization, and such a purpose can be easily and professionally accomplished through the use of Polyvinyl Chloride, the substrate otherwise known as Styrene.  With its smooth, satiny finish, styrene is coroplast gone formal.  Solid, yet thin and flexible, styrene is an ideal indoor substrate which can be easily moved about as well as easily installed.


Perks of choosing syrene:

  • Slides easily into sign frames
  • Allows for double sided option
  • Is lightweight so can hang from ceilings
  • Is lightweight so mounts and installs easily
  • Requires zero maintenance for longevity
  • While its finish is smooth and satiny, styrene is unreflective
  • Can last forever if it remains indoors


A Styrene Tip:

Because syrene is so easy to work with, use it to fill empty spaces in the office.  A business logo, in full color and with digital art, could be splashed across the front of a company’s entrance beaureau while behind it, upon the wall, snaps of employees and completed work would make a great first impression.  And remember, styrene is a fantastic substrate in sign frames.  Talk to our Speedpro staff about the wide variety of stands, frames, and mounts available in our shop, and once you decide on what would best suit your company style, frame your advertising and display it an a corner that needs filling!






This article was written by Jennifer

Jennifer is the General Manager of Speedpro Signs Grande Prairie. Marketing is one of Jennifer's passions and in 2009 she became a Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant. Jennifer and her husband Dave have owned the Grande Prairie store since 2002 and have been recognized with numerous awards like Franchise of Year, Business of the Year and more.