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Designing Trade Show Displays for Maximum Impact

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Studies have shown that your display has three to five seconds to make an impression. Your exhibit choices can have a dramatic impact on the number of people who visit your booth, sign up for your services, and take your marketing materials. Your display should be a three-dimensional extension of your company’s image, marketing messages, and sales efforts. Let your display reflect the quality and service customers can expect to receive.


Use your display to enhance your identity. Ensure graphics and banners are highly visible and well-lit with large, easy-to read type. In a trade show environment, your competitors may be in the next row. The more time potential customers spend in your booth, the less time they will spend in your competitors’.


Display products in a way that encourages people to touch them. This facilitates conversation, which can help you to determine their level of interest. Keep a separate draw barrel for qualified individuals; this can help to differentiate potential customers from the people who enter every draw in the building. Use the display to provide a backdrop that allows the product or service and the message to play the leading role.


Visual overload is common in a trade show environment. Keep your display simple and uncluttered. If you have marketing materials, utilize a literature stand to keep them organized and at your fingertips. Explain your product or service in terms they understand and care about:

  1. Will it make their life easier?
  2. Will it save or make them money?
  3. Why is your product or service better than your competitor’s?
  4. Will it solve a problem they may have?

Display your brand consistently. Match your exhibit with your website, letterhead, marketing materials, business cards, etc. This creates brand recognition and trust. If you do not have a logo designed, do that first before designing your trade show exhibit.

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