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Are we still ruled by our senses?

A green eye

Take a look inside color...



No matter what we, as men and women, would like to believe regarding our evolution and how we’ve progressed, humans continue to be ruled by their natural instincts.  Every year, billions of dollars go into, and come out of the business of making men and women alluring through aroma, and billions more go into the research and employment of marketing.


There is a scientific term which describes the phenomenon of an animal’s use of scent or color to either warn predators of danger or attract mates.  That term is called Aposematism (apo-away, sematic-sign/meaning).



Like it or not, we’re still animals.


A bright orange and black flower sits upon a yellow flower

Some Butterflies use bright colors and patterns to defer predators, while flowers use color to attraction attention

We’re careful in our choices toward achieving and maintaining a pleasurable aroma.  Nobody would decide to purchase cologne which smells of bog water, because they’d know it would do the opposite of which they desire.  Most people can recognize the dos and don’t of fragrances, but the same can’t be said about color psychology.


Take a moment to consider a few marketing campaigns you’ve seen on television recently.  It isn’t coincidence that cleaning commercials fill the screen with white when marketing their products.  Or that food campaigns often lean toward using oranges rather than blues.  Though evolved, certain colors trigger within us responses, and these responses effect our reaction to what those colors represent.


Which is why the color a business chooses to represent their product or service is so important.


Decals of giant, brightly colored balls of wool

With their new, color specified decals, Knotty Needles captures the attention of crafters both young and old

Before ordering decals from Speedpro Signs Grande Prairie, potential customers may have walked past Knotty Needles without realizing it was even there.  But since its front entrance has been decorated with large, brightly colored balls of wool and life-sized knitting needles, its now quite obvious what Knotty Needles is all about.  Using pink will capture the attentions of a more effeminate audience, while bright green, blue and yellow says ‘fun, creative, vibrant, and fresh’.  Great color psychology Knotty Needles!




And take a look at this great use of color.  Remote is a company that specializes

Good color use in Remote sign

Remote uses white, blue, and light grey to offer customers a feeling of comfort

in the design, installation, and operation of portable wastewater treatment systems, and understanding the delicacy in marketing anything with the word ‘waste’ in it, Remote uses coloring that offers comfort.  White, light grey, and blue supplies Remote with an image that is clean, crisp, environmentally friendly, and safe.  (Find out more about the interesting job Speedpro did for Remote in an upcoming post…)






Before deciding on the colors for your marketing strategy, study the chart below to ensure your ideas will work with, rather than against you.


RED Insects, reptiles and amphibians use red to warn predators of danger, whether it is of poison or of having a bad taste.  Many birds use red to attract mates.  Likewise, humans associate the color red with blood, which can be registered as war or sex.Red is so intense it can actually have a physical effect on people.  It increases the rate of respiration and blood pressure, which is why red is often used as a means of enticing immediate action.  Stop signs are red, most fire trucks are red, bargain signs are red, and so on.  For the same reason, red is often used to stimulate the sensual side of thinking.Use red to represent or market:  passion, courage, strength, love, energy, speed, resolution
ORANGE Though not as intense as red, orange is still highly visible and is also used in the animal kingdom to warn predators of danger.  Nature also uses orange as a means of announcing the time to harvest food.Orange increases oxygen supply to the brain, which results in the stimulation of mental activity.  It motivates the appetite.Studies have shown young children feel comfortable around orange, it’s bright but not startling, and therefore is trusted.Use orange to   represent or market:  Food, children’s products, the tropics, enthusiasm, success, encouragement, trust
BLUE Blue, being the color of the sky (oxygen), and water (sustenance), often signifies life.  It relaxes people, therefore slows the metabolism and quells the appetite.When people see blue they associate it with clarity, truth, tranquility, and intellect.Use blue to   represent or market:  cleanliness, honesty, wisdom, stability, travel, the environment, confidence
GREEN Nature portrays life through the color green.  Its vibrancy invigorates people and has a healing power.  Green improves vision.Use green to   represent:  New or natural products, the environment, growth, fertility, safety, trust, peace


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