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Can stickers create interest in your business?

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I ran across an article last week that talked about how stickers are a guerrilla marketing tactic that businesses can use to create interest in your business.  I was surprised to see that Reddit a global internet company used the offline marketing tactic of stickers…. stickers everywhere they went…developed interest in their brand.

Most small businesses cannot expect to hand out logo stickers and get scads of traffic on their web site… so what can you do?

1. Have an interesting logo that makes people want to learn more. The little alien from Reddit Reddit Logo Stickers

2. Have an interesting word or saying on your sticker.  At Speedpro we have given out small stickers at many trade shows. We have tried Sticker Mustaches, Littlle Men and Litle Women Stickers, Anti-motivational sayings and most recently some quotes from authors.  We give them out at BNI, Trade Shows and on our front counter.  You would be amazed at the interest in them… and the requests.  We could create one new one a month and people would collect them.

3. Speaking of collecting.. in the 70’s and 80’s sticker collecting was a popular hobby, in fact we still have a sticker album of Daves kicking around. Full of old oilpatch stickers from construction. fabrication and service companies. Some are shiny, some are 3D … Today in the patch the same thing is happening.  From sticker for hard hats to drive through, you see these stickers everywhere. Although its one collection that probably will not showing up on Antique Roadshow, maybe the guys from Canadian Pickers would be interested.

4. Everyone wants to stand out but reflective is probably not necessary.

5. Have fun with it!


Here is the original article from Scott’s Marketplace

Here are their suggestions for handing stickers out…. read the entire article as it has some great ideas and points!


But in case you err on the nerdy (I mean cautious) side, here are some relatively safe ways to distribute your stickers:

  • Visit your local bookstore and slip your stickers into all books related to your industry. (Warning: Don’t actually stick them in or on books – that could be considered vandalism and that’s not going to help your company whatsoever.)
  • Hand out the stickers to all of your staff members and have each one leave a sticker along with their tip every time they eat at a restaurant. Yes, this will take a while to gain momentum, but when it does, finding one of your stickers could be something that people start to actively desire and talk about.
  • Hand out stickers to select groups of people waiting for the bus or in line at a big event. This is where creativity comes into play, as well as the importance of being a bit choosy. Giving them out to everyone won’t have the same effect as being selective in this case.
  • If you’re going to be leaving your stickers in random places, be sure to have your business’ URL printed on them (or your logo) so the people who find them have some way of tracking them back to you. If you are handing them out at a large event, this isn’t as necessary, as once people start asking where they can find those stickers, they’ll direct them back to your booth, which is where viral marketing comes into play.
  • People don’t have to be the only targets of your sticker campaign. Calgary Farmers’ Market hung apples from bare trees in urban areas with stickers that read, “Fresh all winter.” Cute, creative, and eye-catching, we’re sure this helped to spread viral interest in the farmer’s market, resulting in more business during their slowest time of year.


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