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How can Speedpro Signs help you in a zombie apocolypse?

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downloadThis is a silly question I know.. but for fun we used it as a stimulant for our BNI Meeting this morning.  And while Zombies are unlikely candidates…. crisis management is not.  So what can we do in a crisis?


Here is the text from my BNI presentation see if it resonates.

It’s a Zombie Attack! Speedpro Signs can help!

Going out of business because a Zombie ate your boss’s brains? There’s a sign for that!

Coordinating a mass exodus? Don’t use bread crumbs like Hansel and Gretel…. use a special direction sign that Zombies can’t see! There IS and sign for that! Are you a Zombie Realtor and you just can’t seem to get your message across that you do free market evaluations?  That’s ok Speedpro has a sign for that!

So rest easy! Speedpro Signs your Zombie Business Image Experts!

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Jennifer is the General Manager of Speedpro Signs Grande Prairie. Marketing is one of Jennifer's passions and in 2009 she became a Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant. Jennifer and her husband Dave have owned the Grande Prairie store since 2002 and have been recognized with numerous awards like Franchise of Year, Business of the Year and more.