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“Bargain” Signs & Graphics?

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“Bargain” Signs & Graphics?

When you make a purchase, is price your only consideration? If so, have I got a car for you! For the bargain price of $400, it’s yours: the lights don’t work, the brakes are iffy, and it burns almost as much oil as gas. I’d be willing to bet you wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. So why would you buy signs and graphics from the lowest bidder without finding out what you’re really getting?

  1. What’s it made from, and how’s it made? There are tons of different options when it comes to materials for any project. The options vary not only in price, but also in durability. If you’re buying a full-color printed sign, a bargain option could be to have it printed on cheap vinyl and leave it unlaminated (laminate is a protective clear vinyl which protects the print from weather and UV damage). This cuts costs, but the sign may not last a season, and definitely won’t last a year. If you need to replace it in a year, is it a bargain?
  2. What kind of service do they provide? Here’s an example: a contractor purchases magnetic signs for his truck. The particular model of truck he drives has curves on the door, and the magnet doesn’t adhere properly. So he uses duct tape to hold it flat. The material used for the magnet is low-quality, and begins to separate. So he uses duct tape to hold it together. To make a long story short, he’s driving around advertising his services with a sign that’s held together with a lick, a promise, and duct tape. What does this say about his company? If he would have purchased his sign from us, we would have told him that a magnetic sign was unsuitable for his purposes, and we would have created custom decals that advertised his business with style and professionalism. And if any problems occurred with the decals, we would have looked after them.
  3. Will the project be completed in a timely manner? Is it convenient? Do you have a deadline that you need to meet? We’ll move heaven and earth to get it done for you in time. Our regular customers know that they can be confident their rush orders will be ready for pickup when they need them. And our online proofing system means that they don’t need to come into the shop half a dozen times to get their project done.

Here at Speedpro Grande Prairie, we know that your budget is important. Give us a call, or come into the shop today. We create custom signage that looks good and lasts, at a great price.

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