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A Custom Solution for a Unique Vehicle Wrap

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A Custom Solution for a Unique Vehicle Wrap

When Snowy Owl Line Locating came to see us at Speedpro, they had an interesting challenge that required some innovative thinking.
Larry loved the aggressive box decal on his beautiful new Ford truck, but rather than simply adding his company name, he wanted to create a brushed steel look with the company name cut out.
The graphic files for that particular template don’t exist, and brushed metal wasn’t an option because you can’t put it on a curved surface and expect it to last for 3-5 years.
But we love a challenge – and we came up with a way to install a branded vehicle graphic that’s arresting and completely unique.
Our first step was to create line art for a custom decal.  We took a photo of the box at a 90 degree angle, and, using our photo processing program, we removed everything from the photo but the stripes.  After vectorizing the stripes we were able to adjust and size the graphic to fit the contours of the vehicle.
We used the new 3M 1080 Metal Effect Wrap Vinyl, which looks like metal and has a texture like metal but can conform around curves.  Before installing we had to remove the factory OEM decals, and clean the glue and other contaminants off the truck for a perfect finish.
The result is mesmerizing – the brushed metal vinyl appears to move when the sun hits the vehicle so the whole look is dynamic; and the company name is obvious but not in your face.
We’d asked Larry to trust us on this one, so when he walked into the parking lot he didn’t know quite what to expect.  Needless to say he was delighted – in fact it was all we could do to get him to take his eyes off it long enough to come in and talk to us!

Here is what Larry had to say

The design and material used on my truck is fantastic,Ive had so many compliments.So far the material you used for this project looks new and holds well to the truck,its had clay/mud head to toe and been washed at least 100 times and still looks as brilliant as the it did the first day.When you chose this color you knew what you where doing as it only compliments the great graphic design and the truck itself.  WELL WORTH THE MONEY!
Thank-you again for all the Knowledge ,Talent and Expertise which is put forth into each project you guys do.
Larry Burbidge
Snowy Owl Contracting Inc
Ground Disturbance & Locating Professionals

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This article was written by Jennifer

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