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5 Worst Wrap Mistakes seen at 2013 Detroit Auto Show

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While SEMA is definitely better for creative cutting edge vehicle wraps, the Detroit Auto show is/ should be way more prestigious.   As a wrap expert it made me frustrated to see sloppy work, these wraps should be as prestigious as the show itself.

5. Erratic cut marks. Whether they were made by an errant squeegie (doubtfull), an unretracted blade(possible) or just sloppy technique (most probable),  the kind of mark is unacceptable especially at this level of show. Because the vinyl is white behind the color any nick or cut will show the white profile of the material.  Cuts like this in the real world will lead to potential shrinkage and revealing the car color beneath. Also any deeper and this cut would scratch the clear coat or worse in the vehicle, something only seen once the wrap was removed. This is the biggest NONO in our shop, coming close to cutting into the paint gets you instant lashings as punishment.74

Examples of trimming - Car Wraps NAIAS

4.  Two Piece Side View Mirror. Maybe this is getting picky but there is no reason this mirror or most others have to be a two piece (see the horizontal line where they overlap).  Our goal especially on what call car show quality wrap is to have as few overlaps as possible, even if it means doing it over and over again to get it right. On the GTR we recently wrapped it took about 5 tries to get the first side mirror wrapped to our standard.

3.  BandingSide Mirror Errors in the print.  Every printer has banding, sometimes its not noticeable sometimes it is.  This whole car is covered by Chrome Wrap material, and we wondered how they made it.  We found a panel that had the dreaded banding in it which tells us they print on top of the chrome and then add another overlaminate.    Sure many people would not notice this, but there are wraps out there where the whole print is banded. But at a show at the level  and a car this high quality banding really is a rookie mistake.

banding in the print on a high end wrap

2.  Wrinkles.  There is never a time when wrinkles are ok on a wrap, no matter the quality the customer is paying for. This should be an expectation every time, wrinkle free.

Wrinkles in a high end car wrap

1.  Door Handles.  Door Handle can be the bane of your existence and the trickiest part of the wrap. It is not always possible to remove the door handles on many new vehicles but there is a right way and a wrong way to wrap a door handle.  Not only is this one not done any where near the right way (although it does look like they tried to do it and then covered it up, wrappers will be able to se it) the installers chose to cut the vinyl badly AND when they did the overlap the bottom material is laying on top.  Revealing the white lead edge of the material …..  This has to be obvious… right?

ERrors in install at the NAIAS



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