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5 Vehicles we can’t wait to Wrap from the 2013 NAIAS Auto Show in Detroit

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5.  Ford  Transit. We wrap a lot  of cargo vans, the Nissan the Sprinter.. .but this new Ford looks like not only will it be  great sqft to wrap but much of the frustrations we have in wrapping those other vans don’t look like they will be a problem here.  Probability of wrapping 8 out of 10.

Ford Van

4. Fiat 500. The odds of this car becoming popular in our area is slim, but  it looks like a fun car to wrap. Not only will its design make it stand out but combining the character of the car with the character of the right corporate wrap will make it a winner. Probability of wrapping 5 out of 10.

Fiat 500

3. GMC Truck. This throwback to the mid 80s square body Chevy looks like a brick, and has lots of metal to wrap. Probability of wrapping 8 out of 10

2013 New/Old GMC Truck

2. Tesla S Series.  Tesla is not one of the big manufacturers but what a nice surprise that the car looks and feels as cool as it does. These guys are trying to set trends on a smaller scale and it’s working. This car is distinctive and the lines would make it easy to design a really creative wrap to compliment the lines and styling. Probability of wrapping  1 out of 10

Reat shopt of Tesla S

1. Chrysler 300. Color Change wrap. the Turbine  Bronze Satin paint job would be easy to emulate now with the color cast wraps on the market. This car has such presence in the alternative colors.   Probability of wrapping 7 out of 10

2013 Chrysler 300

Bonus- Most likely to NEVER see this car in Northern Alberta from the 2013 NAIAS Detroit Auto Show( let alone asked to wrap…….)

Toyota Fun Vii – All Electric futuristic concept car…. can t wrap it because the glass is solar panels and pretty sure -20 and this car will not get along.

Toyota Concept

Toyota FCVR – Fuel Cell Vehicle…Interesting idea but a long way to go to hit the streets.

Toyota Fuel Cell - Concept at NAIAS

Coolest Truck we hope to see in Alberta- VIA  Electricified Truck. This is the way electric vehicles should be built. “traditional” Plug in hybrids won’t work in our area (range etc). This truck plugs in and the gas only kicks in once it needs to charge. This truck is an 800 hp version, the standard version is a 400hp electric with a small V6 that charges when needed.  This company is on the cutting edge of building trucks that WILL work even in our harsh environment.  Can’t wait for the first one to show up here in Alberta.

VIA Electrified Truck

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